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Conservation and stewardship of land and natural resources in Upper St. Clair

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President’s Message

Thank you for visiting the USC Citizens for Land Stewardship website.  The fact that you have come to this page suggests you have a sincere interest in the conservation of natural resources, of managing land in a responsible way so that it thrives and supports all the habitats, including ours, and a curiosity to learn about this organization.  However you got here, Welcome!

USC Citizens for Land Stewardship is known locally as CLS.  We've been around since 1997.  You can read the highlights of these years on our History page.  There are physical improvements to the Upper St. Clair environment that we influenced.  These projects are the result, in part, of the vision past and present CLS members saw as an opportunity. They educated themselves on both the problem and the ways the problem could be mediated, found interested partners to help and inspire them, developed a plan of action with our Township staff and elected officials, helped find the funding sources, provided volunteers when needed and ultimately shared in the combined success of a completed project.  Examples are all around the Township. I invite you to visit the CLS Projects page of this website to review some of them.  I think you will be impressed, enough to go to the sites and explore them.  Our interest in ongoing projects continues and we are working now with The Outdoor Classroom, The Allegheny Land Trust and Upper St. Clair Township.  In the planning stage at the moment is an invasive species removal and native plant restoration project in the Chartiers Creek flood plain. We are applying, with six partnering organizations, for a grant through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to help pay for it.

About a year ago, I completed service as a Commissioner for Upper St. Clair Township.  During those eight years, I had the opportunity to participate in the development of the last Comprehensive Plan for the Township.  The Comp Plan, as it is known, is updated and adopted every ten years and serves as a guiding statement for how we hope actual land use decisions are made.  The Comp Plan is being revised again and CLS will be attending the public meetings where citizen input is requested.  We will be encouraging the inclusion of good land stewardship principles in the final plan.  If you are interested in future land use in Upper St. Clair, please join us in this effort.  I can assure you from my time on the Board of Commissioners, that each Commissioner values and appreciates constructive citizen participation.  Further it becomes hard to represent the interests of all the community, if only a few residents participate.

In the past, CLS included programs to encourage residents to get to know the beauty and features of Boyce Mayview Park.  For a while we were a major provider of hiking and educational programs in the park. While we will continue to offer some of this programming, we plan to work more closely with The Outdoor Classroom to promote and assist with their program opportunities for Upper St. Clair families.  If you are looking for outdoor experiences for yourself and for your family, be sure to include The Outdoor Classroom in your planning.

While we will continue to publish our newsletter, you can expect to hear from us more frequently via email and on our website.  We hope to engage our members in more activities this year, and getting the word out is an important park of that task.

Please visit all the pages of this website.  If you are not a member of CLS, I hope you will linger on the Membership page, note how reasonable it is to be a member, complete the membership form and join us in this important work.  All of us on the Board of Directors are sincerely interested in you, as a member or a potential member.  I think the expression is: "Don't be a stranger".

All the best,

Preston Shimer

If you are not already a member of USC Citizens for Land Stewardship and wish to join, please print our Membership Form and return it to us.

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