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2003 Christmas Bird Count (104th Season) Results

Audubon CBC - 2003.

The 2003 Audubon Christmas Bird Count in the Pittsburgh South Hills Circle was a great success. The compiled reports show that more than 6,600 birds were counted representing 56 species.

This table is a compilation of the count for the Pittsburgh South Hills Circle.

Great Blue Heron (Blue form)3
Canada Goose342
Mute Swan1
Wood Duck2
Hooded Merganser1
Sharp-shinned Hawk4
Cooper's Hawk6
Accipiter sp.6
Red-tailed Hawk39
Rough-legged Hawk2
American Kestrel6
Wild Turkey72
Ring-billed Gull9
Rock Dove172
Mourning Dove485
Eastern Screech-Owl6
Great Horned Owl2
Belted Kingfisher5
Red-bellied Woodpecker95
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker1
Downy Woodpecker197
Hairy Woodpecker25
Northern (Yellow-
shafted) Flicker
Pileated Woodpecker13
Blue Jay206
American Crow274
Common Raven1

Horned Lark34
Carolina Chickadee71
Black-capped Chickadee16
chickadee sp.288
Tufted Titmouse194
Red-breasted Nuthatch1
White-breasted Nuthatch86
Brown Creeper2
Carolina Wren62
Winter Wren1
Golden-crowned Kinglet54
Eastern Bluebird43
American Robin24
Northern Mockingbird21
European Starling1379
(Myrtle) Warbler
Eastern Towhee5
American Tree Sparrow67
Field Sparrow2
Fox Sparrow1
Song Sparrow233
Swamp Sparrow1
White-throated Sparrow132
White-crowned Sparrow7
Dark-eyed (Slate-
colored) Junco
Northern Cardinal518
House Finch223
American Goldfinch165
House Sparrow475

6619 total birds reported on count day
56 species reported on count day

cw = reported during count week; US = flagged as an unusual species.

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