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The Flora of Boyce-Mayview Park

A Compilation by Phyllis Monk with Members of The Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania and USC Citizens for Land Stewardship

Large-flowered Trillium.

Photo by Esther G. Allen

After a number of years working on the book, Wildflowers of Pennsylvania, I was ready to return to more frequent botanical forays. At that time the Boyce-Mayview area came to my attention. I live so close to the property that visits were quick and very rewarding. It occurred to me that a listing of the plants on the property might be a valuable asset in helping preserve the natural areas in the park. With the aid of several Citizens for Land Stewardship and some members of the Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania we began monthly hikes in 2003. We identified as many plants as possible during that year. When I questioned an identification, I collected a sample, brought it home, and keyed it out in Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada, Second Edition, Copyright 1991. When we completed that season I compiled the list that follows. John Despines contacted me in the Spring of 2004 with his additions to the list, and though the lists are still not complete they represent a fair beginning to assess what plants can be found on the Boyce-Mayview property.

The original list gives dates that indicate approximate blooming times. No attempt was made to show plant locations. When the trails in the park become officially established and named, what may be found on each trail could be identified. Although additions to the list are welcomed, a competent person who is qualified to offer a true identification should make them.

Phyllis Testal Monk, June 2004

Boyce-Mayview Flora

The listed dates usually refer to when the plant was observed in bloom.
   a = Initial list (November 17, 2003)
   b = Species added by John Despines (June 16, 2004)
   c = Species added by John Despines (July 2004)
   d = Other additions (since July 2004)

Trees, Shrubs and Vines
Malus sylvestris Apple     b
Viburnum dentatum Arrowwood     c
Fraxinus americana Ash, White 05/25/2003   a
Berberis thunbergii Barberry, Japanese 04/26/2003   a
Tilia americana Basswood 04/26/2003   a
Fagus grandifolia Beech, American 04/26/2003   a
Rubus allegheniensis Blackberry 05/25/2003   a
Viburnum prunifolium Blackhaw 04/26/2003   a
Staphlea trifolia Bladdernut 08/17/2003   a
Aesculus parviflora Buckeye, Ohio 04/26/2003   a
Euonymus atropurpurea Burning Bush     d
Catalpa bignonioides Catalpa     b
Juniperus virginiana Cedar, Red     b
Prunus serotina Cherry, Black 05/25/2003   a
Prunus avium Cherry, Sweet     b
Malus coronaria Crabapple, Sweet     b
Vaccinium trilobum Cranberry, Highbush 05/25/2003   a
Cornus alternifolia Dogwood, Alternate-leaved 08/17/2003   a
Cornus florida Dogwood, Flowering 04/26/2003   a
Sambucus canadensis Elderberry, Common 07/02/2003   a
Ulmus americana Elm, American     b
Ulmus rubra Elm, Slippery 04/26/2003   a
Euonymus alatus Euonymus, Winged 04/26/2003   a
Vitis sp. Grape 08/17/2003   a
Vitis aestivalis Grape, Summer 05/25/2003   a
Celtis occidentalis Hackberry, Northern 04/26/2003   a
Crataegus sp. Hawthorn 04/26/2003   a
Tsuga canadensis Hemlock, Eastern     c
Carya cordiformis Hickory, Bitternut     b
Carya ovata Hickory, Shagbark 04/26/2003   a
Ilex opaca Holly, American     b
Lonicera xylosteum Honeysuckle, European Fly     c
Lonicera japonica Honeysuckle, Japanese 04/26/2003   a
Lonicera oblongifolia Honeysuckle, Swamp Fly 04/26/2003   a
Ostrya virgi niana Hop Hornbeam 04/26/2003   a
Robinia pseudoacacia Locust, Black 05/25/2003   a
Acer negundo Maple, Box Elder 04/26/2003   a
Acer platanoides Maple, Norway     b
Acer rubrum Maple, Red     b
Acer saccharinum Maple, Silver     b
Acer saccharum Maple, Sugar 04/26/2003   a
Menispermum canadense Moonseed, Canada 08/17/2003   a
Morus rubra Mulberry, Red     b
Morus alba Mulberry, White     b
Vinca minor Myrtle (Periwinkle) 05/25/2003   a
Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark 04/26/2003   a
Quercus muhlenbergii Oak, Chinquapin 04/26/2003   a
Quercus palustrisa Oak, Pin     c
Quercus rubra Oak, Red 04/26/2003   a
Quercus alba Oak, White 04/26/2003   a
Elaeagnus angustifolia Olive, Russian     b
Asimina triloba Paw Paw     b
Pinus resinosa Pine, Red     c
Pinus strobus Pine, White     b
Toxicodendron radicans Poison Ivy 08/17/2003   a
Ligustrum ovalifolium Privet, California     c
Ligustrum vulgare Privet, Common     c
Cercis canadensis Redbud 04/26/2003   a
Rosa multiflora Rose, Multiflora 05/25/2003   a
Rosa eglanteria Rose, Sweet-briar     b
Sassifras albidum Sassafras 04/26/2003   a
Lindera benzoin Spicebush 04/26/2003   a
Picea pungens Spruce, Colorado Blue     b
Picea glauca Spruce, White     b
Rhus typhina Sumac, Staghorn     b
Platanus occidentalis Sycamore 04/26/2003   a
Clematis virginiana Virgin’s Bower 04/26/2003   a
Parthenocissus quinquinqifolia Virginia Creeper 05/25/2003   a
Juglans nigra Walnut, Black     b
Juglans cinerea Walnut, Butternut     b
Hamemelis virginiana Witch Hazel 07/02/2003   a

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Herbaceous Plants
Agrimony sp. Agrimony 09/20/2003   a
Osmorhiza longistylis Aniseroot 09/20/2003   a
Aster lateriflorus Aster, Calico 09/20/2003   a
Aster lowrieanus Aster, Lowrie's 09/20/2003   a
Aster novae-angliae Aster, New England 09/20/2003   a
Aster simplex Aster, Panicled 09/20/2003   a
Aster shortii Aster, Short's 09/20/2003   a
Aster vimineus Aster, Small White 09/20/2003   a
Aster divaricatus Aster, White Wood 08/17/2003   a
Geum macrophyllum Avens, Large-leaved 04/26/2003   a
Geum canadense Avens, White 07/02/2003   a
Berberis vulgaris Barberry, European 04/26/2003   a
Galium triflorum Bedstraw, Fragrant 05/25/2003   a
Galium asperellum Bedstraw, Rough 04/26/2003   a
Gallium asperellum Bedstraw, Rough 07/02/2003   a
Galium vernum Bedstraw, Yellow 04/26/2003   a
Epifagus virginiana Beech Drops 09/20/2003   a
Bidens frondosa Beggar Ticks 09/20/2003   a
Bidens connata Beggars Ticks, Swamp 08/17/2003   a
Campanula americana Bellflower, Tall 08/17/2003   a
Uvularia perfoliata Bellwort, Perfoliate 04/26/2003   a
Uvularia perfoliata Bellwort, Perfoliate (seed) 05/25/2003   a
Monarda fistulosa Bergamot, Wild     c
Convolvulus arvensis Bindweed, Field     c
Convolvulus sepium Bindweed, Hedge     b
Sanguinaria canadensis Bloodroot 04/26/2003   a
Sisyrinchium sp. Blue-eyed Grass 05/25/2003   a
Poa cuspidata Bluegrass 04/26/2003   a
Houstonia caerulea Bluets, Quaker Ladies 04/26/2003   a
Saponaria officinalis Bouncing Bet 07/02/2003   a
Andropogon virginicus Broom-sedge 04/26/2003   a
Ajuga reptans Bugle 04/26/2003   a
Ranunculus abortivus Buttercup, Aborted 04/26/2003   a
Ranunculus acris Buttercup, Common 04/26/2003   a
Ranunculus repens Buttercup, Creeping 05/25/2003   a
Ranunculus fascicularis Buttercup, Early 04/26/2003   a
Ranunculus hispidus Buttercup, Hispid 04/26/2003   a
Ranunculus septentrionalis Buttercup, Swamp 05/25/2003   a
Asclepias, tuberosa Butterfly Weed     b
Silene cucubalus Campion, Bladder     b
Typha latifolia Cattail, Broad-leaved     b
Typha angustifolia Cattail, Narrow-leaved     b
Chelidonium majus Celandine, Greater     b
Brassica kaber Charlock     c
Malva neglecta Cheeses     b
Chaerophyllum procumbens Chervil, Wild 04/26/2003   a
Stellaria media Chickweed, Common 04/26/2003   a
Stellaria pubera Chickweed, Star 05/25/2003   a
Cichorium intybus Chicory     b
Potentilla canadensis Cinquefoil 04/26/2003   a
Potentilla norvegica Cinquefoil, Rough 05/25/2003   a
Potentilla recta Cinquefoil, Rough-fruited 05/25/2003   a
Galium aparine Cleavers 04/26/2003   a
Trifolium hybridum Clover, Alsike 05/25/2003   a
Trifolium pratense Clover, Red 05/25/2003   a
Trifolium procumbens Clover, Small Hop 05/25/2003   a
Melilotus alba Clover, White Sweet     c
Melilotus officinallis Clover, Yellow Sweet     c
Caulophyllum thalictroides Cohosh, Blue     b
Tussilago farfara Coltsfoot     b
Echinaceae purpurea Coneflower, Purple 08/17/2003   a
Heracleum maximum Cow Parsnip 05/25/2003   a
Barbarea vulgaris Cress, Winter 04/26/2003   a
Coronilla varia Crown Vetch 04/26/2003   a
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Daisy, Ox-eye 07/02/2003   a
Hesperis matronalis Dame's Rocket 05/25/2003   a
Taraxacum officinale Dandelion 04/26/2003   a
Commelina communis Dayflower, Asiatic     b
Rumex crispus Dock, Curled 07/02/2003   a
Rumex orbiculatus Dock, Great Water 05/25/2003   a
Apocynum sibiricum Dogbane, Clasping-leaved 05/25/2003   a
Dicentra cucullaria Dutchman's Breeches 04/26/2003   a
Circea quadrisulcata Enchanter's Nightshade 07/02/2003   a
Circea alpina Enchanter's Nightshade, Smaller 07/02/2003   a
Erigeron annuus Fleabane, Daisy 07/02/2003   a
Erigeron philadelphicus Fleabane, Philadelphia 05/25/2003   a
Plantago philadelphicus Fleabane, Philadelphia 07/02/2003   a
Myosotis scorpioides Forget-me-not 05/25/2003   a
Setaria sp. Foxtail Grass 08/17/2003   a
Galinsoga parviflora Galinsoga 09/20/2003   a
Allium vineale Garlic, Field     c
Alliaria petiolata Garlic Mustard 04/26/2003   a
Gaura biennis Gaura, Biennial 09/20/2003   a
Geranium maculatum Geranium, Wild 04/26/2003   a
Teucrium canadense Germander     c
Glechoma hederacea Gill-over-the-Ground 04/26/2003   a
Asarum canadense Ginger, Wild 04/26/2003   a
Zizia aurea Golden Alexanders 05/25/2003   a
Senecio aureus Golden Ragwort 04/26/2003   a
Solidago rugosa Goldenrod, Rough-stemmed 04/26/2003   a
Solidago altissima Goldenrod, Tall 09/20/2003   a
Solidago caesia Goldenrod, Wreath (Blue-stemmed) 09/20/2003   a
Solidago flexicaulis Goldenrod, Zigzag (Broad-leaved) 09/20/2003   a
Botrychium dissectum Grape Fern, Cut-leaved 04/26/2003   a
Dactylis glomerata Grass, Orchard 04/26/2003   a
Scirpus cyperinus Grass, Wool 09/20/2003   a
Physalis virginiana Ground-cherry, Virginia 09/20/2003   a
Senecio viscosus Groundsel, Stinking 09/20/2003   a
Senecio vulgaris Groundsel. Common 05/25/2003   a
Crepis biennis Hawksbeard, Large Rough     b
Hieracium auranticum Hawkweed, Orange     b
Prunella vulgaris Heal-all 07/02/2003   a
Conium maculatum Hemlock, Poison 04/26/2003   a
Apocynum cannabinum Hemp, Indian 07/02/2003   a
Hepatica nobilis var. acuta Hepatica, Sharp-lobed 04/26/2003   a
Amphicarpa bracteata Hog-peanut 09/20/2003   a
Agastache nepetoides Hyssop, Giant Yellow 09/20/2003   a
Duchesnea indica Indian Strawberry 05/25/2003   a
Lobelia inflata Indian Tobacco 08/17/2003   a
Iris pseudacorus Iris, Yellow 05/25/2003   a
Vernonia altissima Ironweed, Tall 08/17/2003   a
Arisaema triphyllum Jack in the Pulpit 04/26/2003   a
Hieracium pratense King Devil 05/25/2003   a
Polygonum persicaria Lady's-thumb     b
Chenopodium album Lamb's-quarters     b
Delphinium tricorne Larkspur, Dwarf 04/26/2003   a
Polymnia canadensis Leafcup, Smaller 04/26/2003   a
Latuca scariola Lettuce, Prickly 05/25/2003   a
Prenanthes alba Lettuce, White 09/20/2003   a
Galium circaezans Licorice, Wild 04/26/2003   a
Lythrum salicaria Loosestrife, Purple 08/17/2003   a
Podophyllum peltatum Mayapple 04/26/2003   a
Thaspium barbinode Meadow Parsnip, Hairy-jointed 04/26/2003   a
Thalictrum dioicum Meadow Rue, Early 04/26/2003   a
Accalypha virginica Mercury, Three-seeded 09/20/2003   a
Floerkea proserpinacoides Mermaid, False 04/26/2003   a
Asclepias syriaca Milkweed, Common     b
Asclepias incarnata Milkweed, Swamp 09/20/2003   a
Pycnanthemum incanum Mint, Hoary Mountain     c
Leonuris cardiaca Motherwort 09/20/2003   a
Artemissia vulgaris Mugwort 08/17/2003   a
Verbascum thapsus Mullein, Common     b
Verbascum blattaria Mullein, Moth 07/02/2003   a
Brassica nigra Mustard, Black     c
Solanum carolinense Nettle, Horse     c
Urtica dioica Nettle, Stinging 08/17/2003   a
Solanum dulcamara Nightshade, Bittersweet 09/20/2003   a
Lapsana communis Nipplewort 07/02/2003   a
Allium cernuuum Onion, Nodding 04/26/2003   a
Heliopsis helianthoides Ox-eye Sunflower 09/20/2003   a
Pastinaca sativa Parsnip, Wild 05/25/2003   a
Thlaspi arvense Pennycress, Field     b
Lepedium virginicum Pepper, Poor-man's     b
Phlox divaricata Phlox, Blue 04/26/2003   a
Phlox paniculata Phlox, Garden (Fall) 09/20/2003   a
Anagallis arvensis Pimpernel, Scarlet     b
Pontideria cordata Pickerelweed 09/20/2003   a
Dianthus armeria Pink, Deptford 07/02/2003   a
Silene virginica Pink, Fire 05/25/2003   a
Plantago major Plantain, Common 05/25/2003   a
Plantago lanceolata Plantain, English 05/25/2003   a
Phytolacca americana Pokeweed 08/17/2003   a
Oenothera biennis Primrose, Evening     b
Polygonum orientale Prince's Feather 05/25/2003   a
Lamium purpureum Purple Dead Nettle 04/26/2003   a
Portulaca oleracea Purslane     b
Daucus carota Queen Ann's Lace 08/17/2003   a
Ambrosia artemisifolia Ragweed 08/17/2003   a
Senecio obovatus Ragwort, Ovate-leaved 04/26/2003   a
Allium trioicum Ramps 04/26/2003   a
Rubus occidentalis Raspberry, Black     b
Arabis laevigata Rock Cress, Smooth 04/26/2003   a
Thalictrum thalictroides Rue, Anemone 04/26/2003   a
Thalictrum polygamum Rue, Tall Meadow     c
Saxifraga virginiensis Saxifrage, Early 04/26/2003   a
Carex pensylvanica Sedge 04/26/2003   a
Carex laxiflora Sedge 04/26/2003   a
Carex communis Sedge 04/26/2003   a
Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd's Purse     b
Polygonum caespitosum Smartweed, Long-bristled 08/17/2003   a
Eupatorium rugosum Snakeroot, White 08/17/2003   a
Rrenanthes crepidinia Snakeroot, White 04/26/2003   a
Polygonatum biflorum Solomon's Seal 04/26/2003   a
Smilacena racemosa Solomon's Seal, False 05/25/2003   a
Polygonatum pubescens Solomon's Seal, Hairy 04/26/2003   a
Oxalis stricta Sorrel, Common Yellow 08/17/2003   a
Rumex acetocella Sorrel, Sheep     b
Sonchus asper Sow-thistle, Spiny-leaved 09/20/2003   a
Veronica arvensis Speedwell, Corn     c
Veronica serpyllifolia Speedwell, Thyme-leaved     c
Claytonia caroliniana Spring Beauty, Carolina 04/26/2003   a
Claytonia virginiana Spring Beauty, Narrow-lv. 04/26/2003   a
Dicentra canadensis Squirrel Corn 04/26/2003   a
Ornithogalum umbellatum Star of Bethlehem 05/25/2003   a
Sedum ternatum Stonecrop, Wild 04/26/2003   a
Osmorhiza claytoni Sweet Cicely     c
Dipsacus sylvestris Teasle 07/02/2003   a
Cirsium vulgare Thistle, Bull 04/26/2003   a
Cirsium arvense Thistle, Canada 07/02/2003   a
Cirsium muticum Thistle, Swamp 05/25/2003   a
Eupatorium serotinum Thoroughwort, Late-flowering 09/20/2003   a
Desmodium cuspidatum Tick-trefoil, Large-bracted 08/17/2003   a
Desmodium paniculatum Tick-trefoil, Panicled 09/20/2003   a
Phleum pratense Timothy 04/26/2003   a
Cardamine concatenata Toothwort, Cut-leaved 04/26/2003   a
Cardamine diphylla Toothwort, Two-leaved 04/26/2003   a
Impatiens pallida Touch-me-not, Pale 08/17/2003   a
Impatiens capensis Touch-me-not, Spotted 08/17/2003   a
Lotus corniculatus Trefoil,Birdfoot 05/25/2003   a
Trillium grandiflorum Trillium, Large-flowered 04/26/2003   a
Trillium sessile Trillium, Sessile 04/26/2003   a
Erythronium albidum Trout Lily, White 04/26/2003   a
Erythronium americanum Trout Lily, Yellow 04/26/2003   a
Valeriana pauciflora Valerian, Few-flowered 05/25/2003   a
Abutilon theophrasti Velvet Leaf     b
Verbena urticifolia Vervain, White 09/20/2003   a
Viola papilionaceae Violet, Common Blue 04/26/2003   a
Viola pubescens Violet, Downy Yellow 04/26/2003   a
Viola cucullata Violet, Marsh Blue 04/26/2003   a
Viola striata Violet, Pale (Cream) 04/26/2003   a
Viola pubescens Violet, Smooth Yellow 04/26/2003   a
Viola sororia Violet, Wooly Blue 04/26/2003   a
Tovara virginiana Virginia Knotweed 08/17/2003   a
Polygonum hydropiperoides Water-pepper, Mild 07/02/2003   a
Nasturtium officinale Watercress 04/26/2003   a
Hydrophyllum appendiculatum Waterleaf, Appendaged 05/25/2003   a
Hydrophyllum virginianum Waterleaf, Virginia 04/26/2003   a
Epilobium glandulosum Willow-herb, Northern 09/20/2003   a
Actinomeris alternifolia Wingstem 08/17/2003   a
Verbasina alternifolia Wingstem 04/26/2003   a
Laportea canadensis Wood-nettle 09/20/2003   a
Oxalis montana Wood-sorrel, Common 07/02/2003   a
Dryopteris marginalis Wood Fern, Evergreen 09/20/2003   a
Blephilia ciliata Woodmint, Downy 07/02/2003   a
Luzula bulbosa Woodrush 04/26/2003   a
Achillea millefolium Yarrow     b

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Non-flowering Plants
Polyporus sulphureus Chicken of the Woods     c
Phellinus rimosus Cracked-cap Polypore     c
Polystichum acrostichoides Fern, Christmas 04/26/2003   a
Botrichium virginianum Fern, Rattlesnake 04/26/2003   a
Onoclea sensibilis Fern, Sensitive     c
Stereum hirsutum Hairy Parchment     c
Equisetum sp. Horsetail 05/25/2003   a
Morchella esculenta Morel Mushroom 04/26/2003   a
  Moss, Pincushion 04/26/2003   a
Sarcoscypha coccinea Scarlet Cup (fungus)     b

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