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McLaughlin Run Project

2001 Governor's Award for Watershed Stewardship

Welcome to the McLaughlin Run Project

On August 23, 1999, Tracey Buckman, president of the USC Citizens for Land Stewardship, and Doug Watkins, Township Manager of Upper St. Clair, announced that the Township has been awarded a grant totaling $102,295 for a streambank stabilization and riparian buffer corridor improvement and watershed assessment project for McLaughlin Run.

In December 1998, the CLS and the township, as co-sponsors, jointly applied for project funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under the terms of the Clean Water Act of 1987 Section 319 Grant Program of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Award of the grant monies means that sections of the streambank along McLaughlin Run will be stabilized to prevent erosion of the banks and to reduce urban runoff into the stream, which, in turn, will reduce pollution, improve water quality and minimize future flood impact. Additionally, a professional watershed assessment using Fluvial-GeoMorphology (FGM) techniques will be performed to determine possible future actions to further restore and protect the quality of the McLaughlin Run sub-basin of the Chartiers Creek watershed.

While some of the work will be performed by professional contractors, much of the effort, such as streambank plantings, will be performed by volunteers from scouts, schools, service clubs and organizations, and willing private citizens. Implementation planning will be provided jointly by Jeff Wagner, CLS vice-president, and Walter Jarosh, Township forester.

Mrs. Buckman and Mr. Watkins emphasized that this project will have a major beneficial effect on the environment of the Township, and is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when groups, such as the CLS, and the Township work jointly for the betterment of our community.