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Stream Monitoring

Citizens' Volunteer Monitoring Program (CVMP)

The first two phases of the McLaughlin Run Project (a community partnership between USC Citizens for Land Stewardship and Upper St. Clair Township) are nearly completed. Streambanks have been graded, where appropriate; instream structures that will affect the flow and quality of the water are in place; and many of the proposed streamside (riparian) plantings are in the ground. How effective have these management options been in stabilizing the banks, improving water quality and the aquatic and streamside habitats, and improving the appearance of this public and recreational section of the waterway? The next step in the process is to calculate the measurable environmental benefits (MEBs) of the work: monitoring the stream and the plants for improvements/changes and success rate, respectively.

To accomplish this final step CLS, with funding and technical support from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), is implementing a Citizens' Volunteer Monitoring Program (CVMP) for the McLaughlin Run watershed. You may have read about the planning for this in the CLS March 2001 newsletter; the program is now ready. The water quality monitoring plan requires that water samples be obtained from several streams within the watershed on a monthly basis. These samples will be analyzed using both field and laboratory analytical methods. These measurements will provide data that reflect overall water quality within the watershed. In addition to water quality measurements, there will be measurements to determine the erosion rates and stability of the stream banks in the project design area.

Volunteers are needed to execute water sampling within the watershed. Volunteers will need to dedicate 2 - 3 hours one day per month to obtain and process water samples. To prepare volunteers to obtain and analyze water samples safely and effectively, DEP Citizens Volunteer Monitoring Program (CVMP) coordinators, Diane Wilson and Cheryl Snyder, are coming to Upper St. Clair, to provide volunteer training. The training will include classroom and streamside instruction and will take place over the course of 2 evenings:


Monday, July 16 & Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - 6:30 to 8:30 PM


Upper St. Clair Municipal Building - Multipurpose Room #2

Attendance at both training sessions is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to take part in this program.

If you are interested in attending this training, please RSVP to CLS by telephone 412-831-3289 or email on or before Wednesday July 11.