USC Citizens for Land Stewardship
Conservation and stewardship of land and natural resources in Upper St. Clair

Stewardship Defined

Stewardship Defined

This is a collection of articles focusing on definitions of terms and concepts commonly used in discussions about land use, environmental quality, and planning. Greenways, linkages/corridors, open space, buffers, core area, “biodiversity”, etc., often mean different things to different people. Understanding these concepts can provide the basis for positive dialogue, creative problem solving, and thoughtful decision-making on points of conservation and stewardship of land and natural resources in our community.

Stewardship and the Natural World - There are parallels between Y2K and the environment. What are they? How can you as an individual make a difference? Read this article to find out.

Natural Areas: More than Pretty Places - Jeff Wagner defines Natural Areas, the values and services, the distinctions from other types of lands, and the management demands and reasons for maintaining them.

The Mayview Valley Biological Diversity Area - Andy Loza describes the identification and classification of significant and unique areas that are critical to our natural heritage. We thank Andy for his report on an under-utilized, but highly relevant, study of the natural resources within our township.

Greenways: Linking It All Together - Jeff Wagner defines greenways, offers examples of regional greenways efforts and points out the opportunities that we have in Upper St. Clair to plan for greenways in our community.

What is a Riparian Buffer? - Riparian buffers are important to water quality. But what are they and what does CLS have to do with them. This article explains.

Biodiversity: What, How and Where? - What is biodiversity, how is it measured, and where can biodiversity be found in the township? This article answers those and other questions that are part of the reason for the existence of CLS.