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Allegheny Land Trust Purchases Wingfield Pines

Community Conservation in Action

USC Citizens for Land Stewardship was a major supporter of the acquisition of the former Wingfield Pines Golf Course and Swimming Club by the Allegheny Land Trust for land conservation purposes.  This page and those that follow are intended to recall the history of this project for current readers.

With a few strokes of a pen, the Wingfield Pines property was conserved forever when Allegheny Land Trust closed on the property on Friday, January 28, 2001. Thanks to months of negotiating, volumes of grant proposals and the shear determination of dozens of people who dedicated their time and money, the vision of the property as protected open space is now a reality!

There were several moments in 2000 when it looked bleak, but each time the community responded with contributions to keep the project moving. As the purchase deadline neared, ALT was facing a $100,000 gap in funding. To meet contractual deadlines with the seller and to avoid the possibility of losing the property, ALT decided to borrow the funds, something the trust has not done before.

Be sure to visit this wonderful piece of local open space and to thank ALT for taking the necessary bold steps it made to close the deal.  Today Wingfield Pines is the home of a unique abandoned mine drainage purification system.  For information and directions, click: Wingfield Pines, Allegheny Land Trust, located in Upper St. Clair